8th Edition – Available Now




Agro Business Consultants are excited to bring you a completely updated version of the ABC Book for the horse sector – The Equine Business Guide

The book provides an invaluable resource to anybody connected with the equestrian industry. It is unique in focussing on business management and costings for equine enterprises.

The contents include;

  • Updated gross margins for all the main equine enterprises including liveries, riding schools, stud farms, equine tourism, competitions and more
  • Comprehensive information on costs covering feed and forage, bedding, equine equipment and tack, veterinary and medical, contract charges and buildings
  • Labour issues including wage rates, employment legislation, labour planning and qualifications
  • Explanation of support systems and grants across GB, including details of the Basic Payment Scheme
  • A vast array of information on topics such as finance, taxation and law, renewable resources, equine enterprise marketing and a great amount of general reference information

The guide will be vital for students, professionals advising the equine industry and those managing horse enterprises.

The guide has been completely re-written by equine specialists for the 8th Edition to make it more relevant, readable and informative.

It is all the equine business information you need in one publication. Click here for a free sample.

For more information on the Equine Business Guide’s Table of Contents, click here.


£45.00 each