90th Edition May 2020


The 90th edition  available now

The No.1 source of Farm Management Information for the UK.

The Agricultural Budgeting and Costing Book contains all the farm and rural business information you need in one publication.

It is concise, clear and easy-to-use. The information is updated every six months so you are always using the most relevant data.

The contents include;

  • Fully updated gross margins for all farming sectors, crops and livestock, including net margins for key enterprises
  • Sensitivity analysis and discussion of market prospects
  • The widest range of information on alternative enterprises, diversification and non-farming income sources available in any UK publication
  • Explanation of the support systems and grants across GB, including BPS rules and rural grants. An outline of post-Brexit farm policy
  • Farming costs including forage, feed, fertilser and pesticides
  • Overhead cost data covering machinery, labour, contracting, building costs, and rents
  • An overview of taxation and the legislation affecting agriculture
  • A vast array of general reference information for the farming sector

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